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The Remarkable Journey of Linda Bennett: Founder of L.K.Bennett

Early Life and Education

Linda Bennett was born in 1962 in England. Raised in London, she developed an early interest in fashion. Her passion for design led her to study at the prestigious Cordwainers College, part of the London College of Fashion, where she honed her skills in footwear design.

Linda Bennett

Career Beginnings

Bennett’s career in fashion began with a stint at the Kurt Geiger shoe company, where she gained valuable industry experience. Determined to start her own business, she saved diligently and in 1990, launched L.K.Bennett with a vision to create affordable luxury for women.

Founding of L.K.Bennett

Linda Bennett founded L.K.Bennett in 1990 with a modest store in Wimbledon Village, London. Her concept was simple yet revolutionary: to offer stylish, high-quality shoes at a mid-range price point. This unique positioning quickly garnered a loyal customer base. The brand’s ethos of “a bit of Bond Street at High Street prices” resonated with women seeking elegant and accessible fashion.

Expansion and Success

Under Bennett’s leadership, L.K.Bennett expanded rapidly. The brand’s success was driven by its commitment to quality, design, and accessibility. Bennett’s vision extended beyond footwear, and L.K.Bennett soon included clothing and accessories in its product range. By the early 2000s, the brand had a significant presence in the UK and began to expand internationally.

Notable Achievements

Linda Bennett’s entrepreneurial acumen earned her several accolades. She was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2006 for her services to the fashion industry. Her ability to blend business acumen with a keen sense of style established her as a leading figure in British fashion.

Challenges and Sale of the Company

In 2008, after nearly two decades of steering L.K.Bennett to success, Bennett decided to sell a majority stake in the company to private equity firm Phoenix Equity Partners. This decision was partly influenced by the desire to spend more time with her family. Despite stepping back, she remained involved in the business for several years.

Return and Final Departure

In 2017, Bennett returned to L.K.Bennett as interim CEO to help steer the company through challenging times. However, in 2019, the company went into administration. The brand was eventually rescued by Byland UK, but Bennett decided to step away from the business entirely.

Personal Life

Linda Bennett is known for her discretion regarding her personal life. She prefers to keep a low profile, focusing on her family and personal interests. Despite stepping back from the fashion industry, she continues to be an influential figure, inspiring many aspiring entrepreneurs.


Linda Bennett’s legacy in the fashion industry is significant. Her pioneering approach to affordable luxury transformed the retail landscape and provided a blueprint for many who followed. L.K.Bennett remains a beloved brand, embodying Bennett’s original vision of timeless elegance and accessibility.


Linda Bennett’s journey from a passionate design student to a celebrated entrepreneur is a testament to her vision, determination, and business acumen. Her impact on the fashion industry continues to be felt, and her story remains an inspiration for future generations of designers and business leaders.


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