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Abdulla Bin Ahmad Al Ghurair, Business, Biography,

Abdulla Bin Ahmad Al Ghurair: A Pillar of UAE’s Economic Landscape

The Al Ghurair family’s legacy in the UAE traces back to the early 20th century, with figures like Ahmad Al Ghurair and his son Saif deeply involved in pearl diving and trade. From these humble beginnings, Ahmad Al Ghurair laid the foundation of the Al Ghurair Group in 1960, initially as a family enterprise, with the assistance of his five sons: Saif, Abdulla, Majid, Marwan, and Jomaa.

During this period, Dubai was undergoing a transformation under the leadership of the Al Maktoum family, and the Al Ghurair family played a pivotal role in the country’s economic evolution, contributing significantly to its growth and development.

Building a Strong Legacy
Abdulla Al Ghurair dedication to fostering unity and cooperation within the family business is commendable. He played a key role in establishing various ventures that not only showcased foresight but also bolstered the UAE’s financial presence on the global stage. In 1967, Abdulla Al Ghurair founded the Bank of Oman, later renamed Mashreq Bank in 1994. Today, it stands as one of the UAE’s premier financial institutions, expanding its footprint across neighboring regions like Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, and Qatar. Under Abdulla Al Ghurair’s leadership, the bank evolved into the largest private bank in the UAE by the 1980s, maintaining exceptional performance to this day.

A Tale of Two Groups
The 1990s marked a harmonious split between brothers Abdulla Al Ghurair and Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair, resulting in the emergence of two distinct yet complementary entities: Al Ghurair Investment (or Abdulla Al Ghurair Group) and the Al Ghurair Group (or Saif Al Ghurair Group). Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair chairs Al Ghurair Investment, overseeing its finance, construction, and food sectors.

With nearly five decades of business acumen, Abdulla Al Ghurair has carved out a reputation synonymous with the UAE itself. He has meticulously cultivated a legacy of successful ventures while upholding unwavering values and commitment. The symbol of the Group—a diamond square—epitomizes the resilience, focus, and unity that define Abdulla Al Ghurair’s leadership.

Beyond Heritage: A Legacy of Excellence
Abdulla Bin Ahmad Al Ghurair’s contributions extend beyond his family’s rich heritage, encompassing innovative business strategies, product development, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, responsibility, and trust. His ventures reflect a blend of tradition and innovation, positioning him as a cornerstone of the UAE’s economic landscape.


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