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Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, Social Entrepreneur, Tom Szaky Biography,
Social Entrepreneur

Tom Szaky: Innovator in Sustainable Waste Management

Early Life and Education

Tom Szaky was born on January 14, 1982, in Budapest, Hungary. After the Chernobyl disaster, his family moved to Canada, where he grew up in Toronto. He attended Upper Canada College and later enrolled at Princeton University. His interest in recycling was sparked by observing waste habits in North America.

Tom Szaky

Career Beginnings

At Princeton, Szaky co-founded TerraCycle in 2001, initially focusing on producing fertilizer from organic waste. He left Princeton to focus on the business, which used innovative packaging methods to reduce costs.

TerraCycle’s Evolution

TerraCycle quickly expanded beyond fertilizer to develop recycling solutions for difficult-to-recycle materials like cigarette butts, diapers, and chewing gum. Under Szaky’s leadership, TerraCycle partnered with major retailers and became a leader in sustainable waste management.

Loop: A Circular Shopping Platform

In 2019, Szaky launched Loop at the World Economic Forum. Loop offers reusable, durable containers for everyday products, aiming to reduce single-use packaging waste. The initiative has expanded globally, partnering with major retailers.

Publications and Media

Szaky has authored four books on waste management and sustainability, including “Revolution in a Bottle” and “The Future of Packaging.” He also produced and starred in the reality TV show “Human Resources,” which highlighted TerraCycle’s mission.

Personal Life

Tom Szaky is married to Avigail Adam and has four children. His work continues to focus on innovative solutions to global waste challenges.


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