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Social Entrepreneur

Marc Koska: Revolutionizing Safe Injections with Visionary Innovations

Early Life and Education

Marc Andrew Koska OBE, born on March 14, 1961, is best known for inventing the non-reusable K1 auto-disable syringe, which has significantly reduced the medical transmission of blood-borne diseases. He attended Stowe School, an independent boarding school in Buckinghamshire, England.

Marc Koska

Revolutionizing Medical Safety

Koska’s journey into the world of medical innovation began in 1984 when he read a newspaper article about the alarming rate of HIV infections caused by the reuse of syringes. This revelation ignited his passion for creating a safer syringe. After extensive research, he produced the K1 syringe in 1996, which locks the plunger in place after a single use, preventing reuse. Unlike other syringes of the time, his design could be manufactured using existing machinery, making it cost-effective and easy to distribute.

Founding SafePoint Trust

In 2006, Koska founded SafePoint Trust to combat the global issue of unsafe injections. His work with SafePoint has been credited with saving 10 million lives and influencing World Health Organization (WHO) policies on safe injection practices. He has successfully mainstreamed the use of auto-disable syringes, which has revolutionized the administration of injections worldwide.

Global Advocacy and Impact

Koska’s advocacy extended beyond inventing the K1 syringe. He recognized the need to change global market dynamics and pressured governments to mandate the exclusive use of safe syringes. He provided funding to assist national purchases of these syringes and engaged manufacturers to convert their production lines. His efforts have aligned economic, political, and social incentives to abolish the dangerous practice of syringe reuse.

Technological Innovations and Policy Changes

Marc’s work has led to significant policy changes, including the WHO’s 2015 mandate on injection safety, expected to prevent 1.3 million deaths annually and save hundreds of millions of dollars. He has also designed new syringe technologies, such as a blister-pack syringe that is ten times smaller and lighter, enabling patients to self-medicate safely.

Raising Public Awareness

Koska launched the LifeSaver campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of unsafe injections. This campaign reached over 500 million people and led to significant policy changes in countries like India, where the use of auto-disable syringes in government health facilities became mandatory.

Recognition and Future Goals

Marc Koska’s contributions to global healthcare have been widely recognized. He has received honorary doctorates, multiple awards, and in 2006, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire. Today, he continues to innovate and advocate for safe medical practices, with a focus on reaching unvaccinated populations and improving access to life-saving technologies.

Personal Journey

Marc’s commitment to public health began during his travels in the mid-1980s. His journey, marked by various jobs and experiences, eventually led him to dedicate his life to eradicating unsafe needles. Despite numerous challenges, including resistance and threats, Koska’s perseverance has made him a leading figure in global health innovation.

Legacy and Ongoing Work

Marc Koska’s impact on global healthcare is profound. His invention and advocacy have not only saved millions of lives but also shifted international health agendas. As he continues to address new challenges, Koska remains a pioneering force in the quest for safer medical practices worldwide.


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