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Lu Xiangyang, Chinese entrepreneur, entrepreneur, Lu Xiangyang Biography,
Business Entrepreneur

Lu Xiangyang: Visionary Entrepreneur and BYD Co-Founder

Early Life

Born in the Anhui province of China, Lu Xiangyang’s early years and childhood details remain largely undisclosed.

Lu Xiangyang

Family Background

Information regarding Lu Xiangyang’s family background and personal life is not publicly available.

Career Highlights

Lu Xiangyang’s professional journey began at a local branch of the People’s Bank of China. In the early 1990s, he moved to Guangdong province, where he worked for several brokerage firms.

In 1995, Lu founded Guangzhou Youngy Management and Investment Group. That same year, he made a significant investment of 5 million renminbi in BYD Company, a newly established enterprise founded by his cousin, Wang Chuanfu. This investment proved to be pivotal as BYD grew into a successful battery and auto manufacturer, making Lu’s stake in the company the primary source of his considerable wealth.

Notable Companies

Lu Xiangyang is best known for his association with BYD Company, where he serves as a key figure and founder. His strategic investments and leadership have been instrumental in the company’s growth and success.

Major Achievements

Among Lu Xiangyang’s significant achievements is the acquisition of a 70% stake in the world’s second-largest lithium mine located in Sichuan, China. He also secured a cobalt mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ensuring access to crucial raw materials for BYD’s battery production.

Awards and Recognition

Lu Xiangyang’s impact on the business world has earned him numerous accolades. In 2022, he was listed in the prestigious Forbes Billionaires List, ranking 114th with an estimated net worth of $15.7 billion.

Personal Life and Legacy

Details about Lu Xiangyang’s personal life and legacy remain private and are not publicly disclosed.


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