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Micky Jagtiani, Businessman, Founder of Landmark Group, Startup,
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Micky Jagtiani: A Journey from Taxi Driver to Billionaire with a Net Worth of Over ₹42,000 Crores

Micky Jagtiani, the visionary founder of the Landmark Group, has transformed a modest baby product store into one of the largest retail conglomerates spanning the Middle East, Africa, and India. His remarkable ascent from humble beginnings to billionaire status is a testament to resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Early Life and Personal Journey

Born Mukesh Jagtiani in Kuwait in 1952, Micky Jagtiani’s early years were marked by tragedy and hardship. After completing his schooling in Chennai and Mumbai, he ventured to London to pursue accounting but found himself working as a taxi driver and hotel cleaner. Amid personal loss with the sudden passing of his parents and brother, Jagtiani’s life took an unexpected turn, leading him to Bahrain in 1973.

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

In Bahrain, Jagtiani seized an opportunity, taking over his late brother’s shop and transforming it into a baby product store with a modest inheritance of $6,000. Despite setbacks and a lack of formal education, Jagtiani’s keen business acumen drove the expansion of his enterprise.

The Landmark Group: A Retail Powerhouse

What began as a small toy store evolved into the Landmark Group, a retail behemoth encompassing apparel, footwear, electronics, and more. Jagtiani’s strategic vision and determination propelled the group’s expansion across the Gulf region, Southeast Asia, and beyond. The Gulf War prompted Jagtiani’s move to Dubai, where he founded the Landmark Group headquarters, igniting further growth and diversification.

Success and Recognition

Jagtiani’s astute investments, including acquiring a stake in UK retailer Debenhams in 2008, catapulted him onto Forbes’ Billionaires list. His net worth soared, reaching over $5.2 billion (₹42,000 crores), cementing his status as one of India’s wealthiest individuals. The Landmark Group’s extensive footprint, with over 2,200 stores spanning 24 countries, reflects Jagtiani’s unparalleled entrepreneurial prowess.

Legacy and Impact

Beyond financial success, Jagtiani’s legacy lies in his ability to inspire others. The Landmark Group’s commitment to innovation, diversity, and community engagement underscores Jagtiani’s vision of creating a lasting impact. With a revenue of ₹8,101 crores and employing over 55,000 individuals, the Landmark Group continues to thrive under Jagtiani’s leadership.


Micky Jagtiani’s journey from a taxi driver in London to a billionaire tycoon exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance and ambition. His entrepreneurial journey serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring business leaders worldwide, reaffirming the belief that with dedication and vision, anything is possible.


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