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From College Backbencher to Tamil Nadu’s DGP: The Remarkable Journey of C Sylendra Babu

Meet C Sylendra Babu: Rising from the backbenches of college to the prestigious position of Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu, his journey is a testament to determination and perseverance.

Rising Above the Backbenches:
C Sylendra Babu’s journey from college obscurity to acing the UPSC exam and joining the Indian Police Service is an inspiring tale for countless aspirants.

The Path to DGP:
A member of the 1987 IPS batch from the Tamil Nadu cadre, 59-year-old Sylendra Babu’s early education in a government school in Kuzhithurai set him on a different path. Despite facing academic challenges and finding himself on the backbenches, a pivotal moment redirected his ambitions.

The Turning Point:
During a college speech by a successful UPSC alumnus, Sylendra Babu was struck by the idea that even those seated in the back of classrooms could achieve greatness in the civil services. This revelation propelled him towards the rigorous preparation for the UPSC examination.

An Inspiration to Many:
Driven by curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, Sylendra Babu pursued various academic qualifications alongside his career. From a BSc in Agriculture to a PhD focusing on ‘missing children’, his academic journey reflects his multifaceted interests and commitment to learning. Additionally, he authored several books, further solidifying his intellectual prowess.

Beyond the Badge:
Sylendra Babu’s dedication to fitness is well-known, with his participation in international athletic events and his disciplined exercise regimen setting an example for others. Representing India at the Asian Masters Athletic Championships in Bangkok in 2004, his passion for physical fitness is as impressive as his professional achievements.

Sylendra Babu’s story serves as a beacon of hope, proving that with determination and perseverance, one can overcome any obstacle and achieve their dreams, regardless of their starting point.


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